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Short Story

I want a Jameson 

The afternoon sun glistened through the mighty oaks and spruces that lined my course. Like the colors of the rainbow, the trees and fairway sparkled, and the four-leafed clovers that lined the ruff sang with glee—my day couldn’t have been written more perfect. I watched…

Short Story

The Trinity 

My hands and face bore the marks of my trade. I’m homeless and trying to clean the stink of the street, off my body. Water cascaded down my chest, as I splashed from the sink basin to my face and body. Morning rays of sunlight…

Short Story

A Gift of Love 

Valentine’s Day was two days away, and four days had passed since Liz had last seen or spoken to Hank—the love of her life. He had left for work and never returned—none of his friends had heard from him either. But, like clockwork, each morning…

Short Story

The Cipher 

It’s that time again. A terrorist group was messing with my universe, and order must be restored on earth—someone needed to die. I was placing my ducks in order—including my updated will—before I left on my next sanction. The knock on the door caught me…

Short Story

Double Reverse 

Fractured rays of early morning sun oozed through the cracked curtains and danced across the Resolute Desk—the only light offered in the ornately styled oval room. His untouched breakfast tray sat on the right corner where the chef had placed it earlier that morning at…