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Second Chances 

  She’s brilliant, beautiful, and has an attitude to match. Lithe, yet powerful—Eighteen-year-old Jules Spenser lives in the fast lane—her gait has a matchless step, like a nymph riding the wind. Born with an eidetic mind that spins in ones and zeros, acceleration, velocity, and…


First of Jules 

Born with eidetic memory and a mind that works in ones and zeros, Jules Spenser is labeled a prodigy child before her fifth birthday. Her ability to clearly process information and formulate solutions to problems at an early age became apparent to her teachers, and…

Short Story

Buck meets Charlotte 

Everything about Micky’s New Year’s Eve bash at Faux to kick off 2014—screamed A-list. Impeccably dressed celebrities bump elbows with glamorous young socialites clad in the latest furs, as the line of partygoers wrapped from the main entrance on Bowery onto Grand. Tonight money may…

Life, Short Story

Love Prevails 

His smile radiated across the room and knocked me from my stupor. I sensed a man at peace with himself as he held court with a group of men in suits. It didn’t matter that he was in shorts and a colorful polo shirt—it was…

Short Story

Close Encounters 

All eyes turned, followed by gasps, as the lithe blonde woman in the figure-hugging leather body suit passed through the revolving door of the Western Union office. She zeroed in on the man behind the counter; her gait had a matchless step like a ninja…

Short Story

I want a Jameson 

The afternoon sun glistened through the mighty oaks and spruces that lined my course. Like the colors of the rainbow, the trees and fairway sparkled, and the four-leafed clovers that lined the ruff sang with glee—my day couldn’t have been written more perfect. I watched…

Short Story

The Trinity 

My hands and face bore the marks of my trade. I’m homeless and trying to clean the stink of the street, off my body. Water cascaded down my chest, as I splashed from the sink basin to my face and body. Morning rays of sunlight…

Short Story

A Gift of Love 

Valentine’s Day was two days away, and four days had passed since Liz had last seen or spoken to Hank—the love of her life. He had left for work and never returned—none of his friends had heard from him either. But, like clockwork, each morning…