His smile radiated across the room and knocked me from my stupor. I sensed a man at peace with himself as he held court with a group of men in suits. It didn’t matter that he was in shorts and a colorful polo shirt—it was clear that he held their attention, and I wanted his.

He turned toward the bartender with his empty wine glass and we locked eyes—that is when time stopped for everyone in the room—but us. Hypnotized by his cobalt blue-bedroom eyes—a feeling of inner peace swept through my veins. I excused myself from the group of woman I was with and approached the man; I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

That night was six months ago and he has always been the complete gentleman. I told him that trust was the most important virtue to me. I laid it all on the line and told him everything. He opened his heart to me and said he understood my situation. I told him I wanted to go slow. He said he understood, too, and that he was in no rush either, and that he had the rest of his life. His smile said it all.

I knew he wanted more—and that made me smile, too. I saw him as much as I could on my tight schedule and our dates were always casual. Afterwards, he would always walk me to my car, hug me, kiss me lightly on my lips, and say goodnight. But after a few weeks, I knew what I wanted, and I couldn’t wait anymore. I will never forget that night or the nights that followed—because it changed everything.

It was a perfect summer night at the beach. The band had played their last song and it was getting late. As we reached the parking lot, he reached for my hand. I gave him two fingers, my comfort zone was being tested.
He turned toward me and asked. “Maybe three fingers next time?”

I opened up and gave him my whole hand. When we reached my car, he kissed me. I slightly parted my lips and was stunned when he gently pushed away, said goodnight, and started to walk away. I leaned against my car and stared at him as he walked away. What to do, I thought. When like that, he turned back to me after three steps and said, “Hey you tried to kiss me…”

“Did not,” was my reply, as a smile began to spread. I didn’t get a chance to say another word because he gently pulled my face to his, and we locked lips—in the most passionate kiss I ever had. From that moment on, my life would never be the same.

I’m married—on paper only. To my husband, and I use that word loosely—I was a maid. His personal maid at that, and he doesn’t let me forget it, clean the house, clean my clothes, feed me, stay out of my way, and shut your damn kids up. I forgot what sex was, and our only conversations were with me stuck on the dirty end of the stick. I was nobody, and he constantly let me know it. I have two teenage kids who need my full attention, and it’s the only reason I stayed in this one-way relationship. Every time I want to talk about it, he waved me off and said: “do your job.”

A couple of months before my life changed forever—I woman-ed up. I told him I was done being his dishrag and was starting a new life. He didn’t believe me, but now he does, because it’s over. I decided to get involved in my town and joined a major organization. I just wanted to meet people who would treat me like a human. I was scared at first—my only comfort zone was with my children. But I began to open up and make friends. I just wanted to belong. I wasn’t looking for love—but it found me.

A very intelligent person once told me, “You don’t find love. Love finds you. That is why it’s called falling in love. Because you don’t force yourself to fall… you just fall.”

My love went on to say, “Love is when you start to find your thoughts in someone else’s mind. The beauty is when you find someone that is in love with your mind and makes love to your thoughts. Someone who looks into your soul and breaks down all the barriers… and then you let them inside.”

I let him inside—over and over again. My name is not important, but the message is clear. Life is too short to spend in a lifeless relation. My children will always come first, but now I have a man who loves me unconditionally.

He tells me daily—never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them. “I love you,” he tells me.

I love you more, I reply.

Believe it-love prevails.

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